Sunday, June 5, 2011

Final Task: Analysis!

 The topic that I chose is 'Golf.' My essential question is 'Who wear the green jackets and how can I improve my golf by learning about them?'. There are some reason that I chose this topic and essential question. The reason for topic, I chose the topic to Golf because I'm interested in the sport. To sum the reason for essential question is I want to know who wear the green jackets because it's hard to wear. It must win to wear green jacket. And I want to learn about them throughout this unit.

 Untill today I did 3 Bloom's Taxonomy. It's Knowledge, Comprehension and Application. In knowledge part I got three to do task they were 'List the people who have been in the Green Jacket, Describe some tips for playing golf (Put pics with this) and Describe which skills in golf you will try to focus on learning and explain why (as well as which ones you won’t and why not'. In this part I have to research hard. After Knowledge I start Comprehension. Also I got to do task. They were 'Predict what golf skills I will be able to learn and why?, Compare two golfer who wear green jacket about their time line while. and Describe what the basic tips  to play the golf.' In this part I also have to research and think my opinion. Lastly in application, I got big and hard to do task for it. They were ' A video explaining HOW to play golf and focusing on the skills that you learned (this video will INCLUDE shots of you practicing, but your entire video should not just be you practicing golf), as well as explaining that was difficult and easy for you when learning these skills and why. and A slide show to summarize what you want to teach people. This should include pictures of yourself performing the skills and written explanations.' I think this part was the hardest part in Bloom's Taxonomy. I have to play the golf. In this part I took a video and picture to finish.

Again my essential question is 'Who wears the freen jacket and how can I improve my golf by learning about them?'. Now I'm going to answers them. I can't tell everyone golfer who wear green jacket. I just know some. They are: Tiger Woods, Mike Weir, Phil Mickelson, Zach Johnson, Trevor Immelman, Angel Cebrera and Charl Schwartzel. To sum I can improve my golf skill by learning about them, who I know. I saw there movement and skills.

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