Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Freak the Mighty: The last post Final Draft

In this novel Freak the Mighty the protagonist shows how the relation between family and friendship are important.
First, Max and Kevin met to sum become a best friend. Each of them need a friends cause they were a freak. Max is giant, stupid, orphan and he can be seen bad but have wide mind, However in contrast Kevin is dwarf, smart and lonely too. In this novel show, ‘Kevin didn’t told Max that he is going to die. That Kevin doesn’t want Max feel sorry or die with him.’ Therefore we can see the friendships between the.
Secondly, Max and his grandparents bond. He live with his grand parent Grim and Gram. His father killed his mother and he went to prison, thus he can called dwarf. While he bond with his grandparents, he learn such a bad things like his father. Therefore he become a kicker it can be seen that cause of his family. However after he met his new friend Kevin he can fixed. Thus it shows too the friendships and family are important.
Lastly Freak the Mighty. In this part it show friendships are important. After Freak and Max met, their life becomes more easier and a bit peaceful, because they got friend. They are Freak. They promise that they’ll be forever best friend.

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