Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The End of the Year...

I think this blog post can be last post. Today I'm going to write about my goal this year and next year.

 I got little many goals. My goals were meeting homework in deadline, being friendly to friends and teachers, listen carefully to teachers while having lesson and exercising. I have met some of my goals. Those are being friendly to friends and teacher, listen carefully to teacher while having lesson and exercising. I was being kind to friends and teachers. I tried hard. And while having lesson I really focus on what teachers saying. Exercising was the easiest goal that I have met. Except soccer I like all sports to play. The soccer is my worst sport, because if I miss the ball everyone blame me and I don't know how to play it well.

 For being friendly to friends and teachers, they helped me a lot to be friendly. Not just me they were very kind and care of me a lot, thus I can be more friendly with them. Listen carefully to teachers while having lesson, I think I didn't get anyone help. I successfully met that goal be myself. And lastly exercising. Of course PE teacher helped me but grade 7 friends were helped me more. They helped me to exercising, they care of me and playing together. But there is one goal I didn't meet. It was really hard. It's meeting homework in deadline. I think the reason that I can't meet this goal is because I was lazy. My lazy was stepped me from meeting this goal. I think I have to make a new goal for next year which is not being lazy.

 And now I'm going to write about my next year goals which is for school and my personal life. For my school goal is as well as I said in up there Not to being lazy, meeting homework in deadline, friendly to friends and teachers and last one is exercise to grow up. Those are my next year goal. I wish I will met all of them.

Now I will tell about me this year. As a student I learned about myself very lazy. I think not all but a little homework didn't met the deadline, and when I was at home I felt lazy to doing my homework. In a person I felt I have to grow up fitness. I felt they were very shortage. After run one lap in gym I felt very tired but I'm doing my best. So I learned I have to improve my fitness.

In this year I felt my English has been improved a lot. I felt that because before this year, I was hard to speaking in english and I didn't care about grammar that I use while writing or speaking. But after I join ESl and concentrate in English class, I learned that I have to use right grammar and vocabularies. And I have learned lots of new words like some new transition words. Thanks for reading my final post.


  1. I really like what you say about you improved in English. Because It is the happy news for you.

  2. I understand how you feel, I'm also not good at soccer.

  3. I'm agree with you when you say you are very lazy because I think I'm also lazy. T.T

  4. This post was so interesting to read because my goals is almost same with you :)

  5. I am a baseball player so i don't know how to even kick a soccer so i agree with you when you said i am not good at soccer.