Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Level 3: Application

 My to do tasks. First one was making video explaining how to play golf and focusing on the skills that I learned (this video will include shots of my practicing,) well as explaining that was difficult or easy for my when learning these skills and why. And second one was making slide show to summarize what I want to teach people. This should include pictures of myself performing the skills and written explanation.

The Movie That I Practicing

The Slide Show

 My to do tasks were easy but a bit hard. All of them have to take a picture and video, but they were easy. I took a picture of myself and make slide show about summarizing what am I going to teach and learn. And for video things are for showing how could I focusing on playing golf and skills. One was succesfuly finished but the other one was I tried but it was faild. I think it's very hard to make it.

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