Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Next Level: Comprehension

Compare two golfers who wear green jacket about their best skills.

I will compare Tiger Woods and Nick Faldo’s experience. First, Nick Faldo won 6 times. He won 3 times from Masters Tournament, other 3 times are from The Open Championship. But Tiger Woods won 14 times in compotation. He won 4 times from Masters Tournament, 3 times from U.S Open, other 3 times from The Open Championship and lastly 4 times are from PGA Championship.
Before they were being a golfer they join some tour. Nick joined PGA Tour, European Tour and Champions Tour. And Tiger joined PGA Tour, European Tour, Japan Golf Tour, Asian Tour, and PGA Tour of Australasia. Nick won 9 times in PGA Tour, 30 times in European Tour and 7 times in other tours. But Tiger won 71 times in PGA Tour, 38 times in European Tour, 2 times in Japan Golf Tour, 1 time in Asian Tour, 1 time in PGA Tour of Australasia and 15 times in other tour. I think still Tiger Woods is better then Nick Faldo.

Predict what golf skills I will be able to learn and why?

I think I will be able to learn about backspin and driving, because I haven’t learned it. Backspin is look for me like cool, so I would like to learn about it. And Driving is most important thing to golf player, because it help making my mind happy and good for play next turn.

Describe what the basic tips to play the golf.
Golf Swing Tip #1: The Grip
The grip is the foundation of your golf swing and developing the right grip is critical to your success in hitting the ball farther and straighter. There are many different grips out there that you can use. Here are few common grip types:

- The Interlocking Grip – With this grip the index finger of the left hand and the little finger of the right hand combine and interlock. Those that have thick hands, or shorter hands commonly use it. This grip is usually the best option for most people and will allow you to create proper leverage for maximum power.

- The Overlapping Grip – This grip involves having the little finger of the right hand sit on top of the index finger of the left hand. Most male golfers use this grip because it does require strong wrists and forearms.

- The Baseball Grip – With this grip the index finger of the left hand and the little finger of the right hand do not overlap but do make contact with each other. This is usually the default grip for most beginners or golfers with weaker arm and wrist strength. You probably do not want to keep using this grip as the interlocking or overlapping will work better in most cases.

Golf Swing Tip #2: The Stance
The ideal stance is to have your weight equally balanced. It is important to stay relaxed over the golf ball as any tension will affect the quality of your golf swing so make sure to follow this important golf tip. You want to bend at the hips when addressing the golf balls and have a slight flex in the knees also. In addition keeping the spine erect and not rounded is important.
Let your arms hang naturally once you bend your hips, avoid extending your arms straight as there should be an angle between the arms and the shaft.

Golf Swing Tip #3: The Backswing
Keep the left arm straight (right handed players) during the backswing and go back as far as you can. Your tempo is dictated really by your personality, some people are naturally slow movers so will have a slower tempo while others tend to move faster so do what is most comfortable for you.

Golf Swing Tip #4: The Downswing
One of the key elements in the downswing is to keep your head in the same position. Begin your downswing with the hips and keep your head behind the ball until your follow through. Do not use your right hand to try to generate more power. The power in your golf swing will come from the leverage in the angle between the club and your wrists. Try to hold the angle between the clubs and the wrists as much as possible in order to generate maximum power.
Do not rush the downswing as this will usually result in poor shots and inconsistency. You want to have a gradually increasing speed on the downswing and make sure that you have good balance and swing well within yourself. Do not try to muscle the club or swing hard, just make a smooth and controlled movement and you will find that this will help you to hit the ball solidly on a regular basis.

Golf Swing Tip #5: The Follow Through
After impact you want the club to fully release while keeping your head behind the ball. Your head should naturally come up with your right shoulder, so your chin should be over your right shoulder and your head facing the target to complete the follow through.
Remember to have some patience when learning the golf swing, go to the range and practice your swing without hitting any golf balls to start and then as you feel more comfortable with your swing you can start hitting a few balls.
Use these golf swing tips to practice your swing on the range for a few days, maybe even a couple of weeks until you are comfortable before you go out to the golf course. Remember to relax and focus on your targets when you are on the course and try to avoid thinking about swing mechanics on the golf course, rather focus on trusting and believing in your game.

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