Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I Learned Today

Today in ESL class, I learned about how to make the sentence with complete sentence.
There are three things that every complete sentence must have/do. First thing is subject. The subject is that the who or what the sentence is about. 'I met him.' in this sentence I is subject. Second thing is Predicate. The predicate is the word telling what the subject does, has, is or is like. 'I play games.' In this sentence PLAY GAMES are predicate. The last thing is COMPLETE thought. This is the importent one.

And I leraned about fragment too. The fragment is a sentence DOESN'T HAVE subject, predicate or tell a complete thought. The example of a sentence fragment are first,'Watching TV' second is 'I Basketball' third is 'I hit'. The first sentence is fragment because it missed subject. Second sentence missed predicate and last sentence missed complete thought.

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