Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I learned today

 Today in ESL class, I learned about compound sentences, complex sentences and run-on sentences.

What are compound sentences? The compound sentences are two complete and simple sentences in one sentences. Example of compund sentence is 'I am teacher, but you are student.' there are two sentences but it is one sentences because it has only one period. 

 Complex sentences are the sentences have independents clause and dependents clause joined together. Independents clause it the sentence by it self and dependents clause is cannot be by it self. 'When I was young, I like to go airport.' In this sentence 'When I wa young' is dependents clause and 'I like to go airport' is independents clause.

 Lastly I learned what is run-on sentences are the setence is two or more sentences written as one sentence incorrectly. They go past the point where they should stop and are often too long. We can fix those thing with separate with periods, or join them together with a 'comma' and 'and, or, but or another connecting word, if it makes sense. The example are first run-on sentence is 'People love peace they hate war'. In this sentence, we can put connecting word. So I put 'comma' and 'but' between peace and love. So It will be 'People love peace, but they hate war'. This is all I learned today in ESL class. Thank you!!

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