Thursday, March 24, 2011

Adverb Movie Project

 I did a lot of work for this movie. I make a movie and record with my partner. While we are recording we had some mistake, so we have to make movie from begin. I have learned a lot of thing about adverbs while making this movie. The adverbs mean, the word describe the word verb, adjective, and the another verb. While I making this movie, it helped me to learn lots of things about adverbs. It makes me to find more detail about what is adverbs and what are the examples of adverbs. So I know almost perfect about adverb. I enjoyed this project. Because it was fun to making movie and recording, but I was disappointing about recording, because the turn going out so fast so  I have to speak fast but it was hard. I think I shared the work and responsibility well. Because we had finish our work as fast we can. The script was also finish well and fast. And I think I was good partner. We helped each other and I have done my work properly.

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