Thursday, November 11, 2010

Story Reflection


My story board image

This unit I use a lots of things.

I used lot of tools. I use story board, Google doc, blog, dictionary of thesaurus and word. first, used story board for later to telling story, second I used Google doc for sharing ideas or tell teacher what did I done and title with my story. third I used dictionary of thesaurus and word for finding smiler words, lastly I used word document for copy/ paste the screen shot story image and stories.

I also used lots of sites. I used Story Bird, Gmail, Flickr, Blogger and Youtube. First I used Story bird to make my story. Second I used Gmail for sharing Ideas with Gmail Google Doc. Third I used Flickr for finding my favorite movie's picture. Forth I used blogger to make my blog to put about my self and this reflection and also saw example things from teacher. Last I used Youtube for watching video about how to story telling.

And last I used and learned lots of skills. I use and learned editing adjectives and some word from boy over board, and copy/paste skill, screen shot skills and posting skill. First I used editing adjectives and some word from boy over board for my stories be more better, Second I used copy/paste for move my story to word document and Google Doc. Third I use screen shot skills for screen shot my story images to word document. Last I used posting skill to post my word to my blog.

I used all of these thing to make my perfect story board and preparing story telling.

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