Sunday, November 28, 2010

ESl 7 Unit 1 Final Project

Here is the Storybird that I created. It is called Catch that Stupid Mouse and it is about How did mouse get cheese:

 Here is the story that I  wrote from this story bird:

Catch that stupid Mouse!!!!

One large new house that smell paint there was a huge mouse. That the huge house owner is one grandpa's house.  "Hi I'm Hamstermous." He was hungry "I want some cheese to eat!!" so he went to the large kitchen to get giant cheese to eat. He feels great when he found the large cheese, "Yaho~~~~finally i got it!!" he heard food steps, "What is that?? A~~~catch that stupid mouse!!!" grandpa shouted he was so angry, when he heard mouse voice. He smells mouse’s stinky body. He is avoid mice, cause it can make the house dirty, "Servant!!" he called his tired servant. His servant was chewing some delicious donuts and taking a great break. But if his owner called he must go there, he feels very sad, "I want more delicious donuts and break!!" he goes there with his tiny tears. "Please don't call me if I got my sweet break...." the owner, that ugly grandpa command him to catch the mouse. He chased that mouse and said, "Hey mouse, Stop there, I want take a break!!! Pleases." That mouse run and run and he hide like a small carrot. "PPhew~~ It will be saved,” he said with strain voice. When he hide like carrot he heard dangerous food steps. Then pinky dog found out, "A ha... I found you." "A~~~~~" then mouse ran away from him. He was tired and lazy, so he called his another servant too. They called 'Super Mouse'. The mouse hide under the pretty plant inside of large vase so he smells mud and plants. Again mouse also feel tired and strain. "Now, he can't find me!!" he said. He heard someones tread. "A,ha~~you were here!!!" it was super mice, they found him. "Hey block that wide way!!" but the timing was so not good. They also missed; they argued they were very angry, "A! Because of you we missed! Let's call Mr. Powerful cat!!" said super mice. They smell stinky sweat in their suit. When they were talking, that cute Hamstermouse hide in christmas tree. He feels anxious "I wish they won't find me!!" he wished. When that Mr. Powerful cat finding him, something tackle Hamstermouse fell down. "A~~~~" he screamed. Like a baby. So that Mr. Powerful cat heard Christmas tree’s decorations clanking and ran to beautiful Christmas tree, but it has already gone. "Wow!!!A~~ I missed. If I find him, I will eat that ugly mouse!!" he wasn’t glad. He dazzled and made sure. Hamstarmouse got some cold ices and hide inside those ices he feels very cold. But Mr. super cat found easily. Because he can see his blankly eyes. The ice was wreck with breaking sound. And he ran away. "Where should I hide??" he said. "Hey stop there. Please!!!!" Mr. supercat shouted with a tired voice and asked, "I'm so tired... I can't catch that super fast mouse, I suppose to go home now and take a break," he was annoyance, mouse heard breathing sound and he also take a relax. The cat complained then gone. Finally that mouse came out from cheese from large cheese then went to his fantastic mouse hall after he heard super cat’s complaining voice. He was very delighted. "PPhew~~his gone!! Horey!" he shouted. From now he feels happy, delight, and glad. "A~~ Finally I can eat this piece of big cheese, it was too tired to get this big cheese," He said when he eat lovely cheese. But he still heard grandpa’s angry voice and smells his pooh.

Here is a video of me reading my story:

Here is my podcast :I am telling my story:

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