Sunday, November 28, 2010

ESL 7- Unit 1 Reflection- Storytelling

 My Reflection about story telling.
Reading and telling and telling a story is differences. Those things are different because Reading is just use one voice and reading, but Telling is acting and use lot's voice. My difficult part was recoding in garage band while  I recoding I feel very strange and shy, so it was difficult part for me. The part of easy for me was making I movie, because if I finish record I just shared and waiting and Screen shot etc. It was very simple for me. I learned the most important things to remember when telling a story, it is using many tones, loving my story and using body language(Acting).  
I think my project is successful because I use my other tons, use body language and I loved my story. I feel it is enough good for me, because it's my first project ever I made. And I use lots time to make this podcast, while I doing there was something problem with my laptop. Lastly I think it is reflects. 
I think I understand the differences between reading a story and telling a story, because I feel that when I reading books I heard just reading. No other voice tons, no acting. But this time I have good experience. I've tried telling a story. So I learn how to use my other voice tones, how to acting when reading a story and how to loved my story. I enjoyed making story and editing image in Storybird, because I like to making a story with images. But, I didn't enjoy in editing adjective and Boy Over Board's 7 word, because I know I need to improve my English but it was one of hard part in this project. 
        Form IB profile, I think I learned Thinker, Knowledgeable and Risk taker. Because in Thinker, I did think about making story and editing words in my story. In Knowledgeable, I did search image more Knowledgeable. Lastly in Risk taker I learned that I don't need to shy about telling a story.
My video about my another two answer:

First Question: What are the difference between Reading a story and Telling a story?

Second Question: How well do you think you tell your story in your podcast to answer your question?

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