Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome to My Unit Of Inquiry!

During this Unit Of Inquiry, my topic is about golf. My essential question is "Who wear the green jacket and How can I improve by learning about them?" I choose this essential question, because I really want to know more about golf and improve my golf skill. The Area Of Interaction that this topic meets is 'Health & Social Education'. Because it is match with social education, it help to improve and knowledge.

I am an Visual learner(Visual Learner is which people learn with watching skill), so I will learn with researching and read to improve my golf knowledge. The activities that I will learn about this are:record the video that I'm improving golf.To start the knowledge part about this project. I will make a list of person who wear the green jacket and describe what happened after learning about them. I can learn and more be knowledgeable about golf.

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