Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Holiday


In my holiday, I went to the Anyer beach with my friends family. Not all, just mom and children. I must rode the car to go there for near 2 hours. I rode car with my brother, cousin, Jae Min and Eun Ju. When we arrived at hotel, we met our mom and looking for the room. We got the large room. I think it was very expensive. After we go to the hotel room, we looking around the room. There was 2 wide room. Jae Min and I opened the laptop and listened to music and played video games in the wide room.

I think 30minutes later. Another friend Jin Woo came to our room with his sister and his mom. They just arrived. After we met him we change the clothes to swimming suit, because we were going to beach. The beach was very near with our hotel room.

When we arrive at beach, we lend the mini surf board and we went to the waves. 1hour later we rode Banana boat. I feel almost dead. The throw us to the big waves. Second time it was very tired to go out to beach, because there was very big waves. The boat also almost sank. I felt very tiered. After we played at the beach we go to swimming pool and played again. When the sky was being dark we went back to our hotel room and had a shower. At dinner time, we had BBQ party. We ate some pork, ham and fry some garlic and kimchi. It was very delicious. It was the third best holiday in my life.

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